The all new Nugget Ned’s Gold Guzzler sniffer bottle is the best looking design on the market!

With a capacity of 120ml this bottle has a seriously strong vacuum to sniff up all of the gold out of your pan!. It comes with a full length tube which can be fully customisable by cutting it’s length to suit. In addition, we have added a silicone cap to make sure your gold doesn’t escape!


120ml capacity

4.83cm (L) x 4.83cm (W) x 15.9cm (H)

Silicone gold trap cap

Extra long tube

Exclusively printed design

Tip: Use two sniffer bottles to help concentrate your gold. Use the 1st bottle to suck up unwanted sand and fine particles in your pan to help separate it from your gold. Use your 2nd bottle to sniff up gold!



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